Roles Of A Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator is a way to get security and surveillance services. They are hired to handle a variety of jobs including investigating insurance fraud, serving documents, undertaking surveillance on employees and investigating spousal infidelity.

Private investigators are usually hired to investigate insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is often not a high priority for the police as you need a certain degree of evidence before they will step in and the ability to gain evidence is beyond the reach of most companies. Therefore, many companies seek the services of a private investigator to gather the necessary evidence that is needed to determine whether or not an individual is cheating their insurance provider.

Another role they play is to serve legal documents. Serving documents for small claims court, tenancy boards or any other legal institution is an important part of the justice system. A lot of people are afraid of the confrontation that may arise when serving the person they are taking to court.

They can also look into security surveillance. There are a wide variety of reasons to hire someone to undertake surveillance on your behalf. One of the more common surveillance jobs is looking into the possible infidelity of a spouse. Each year countless men and women who suspect their partner of having an extra marital affair will hire a private investigator to determine whether it is taking place.